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A Tale of Two Cities + downloadable audio

A Tale of Two Cities + downloadable audio

A Tale of Two Cities + downloadable audio

Charles Dickens

Disponibilitate: In stoc (stoc limitat)

30.0 Lei
  • Autor: Charles Dickens
  • ISBN: 9788853632531
  • Editura: Eli
  • Limba: Engleza
  • Data publicatie: 2022
  • Format: 14.7 x 21 cm
  • Pagini: 128
  • Greutate: 65 g
  • CategorieLiteratura adaptata
  • VarstaAdolescenti si adulti

A Tale of Two Cities is perhaps Charles Dickens' most famous historical novel.


Set in Paris and London at the time of the French Revolution, this is the story of two men, Frenchman, Charles Darnay, and Englishman, Sydney Carton. As the Revolution takes hold and the Terror begins, the two men's destinies bring them together in a powerful story of love, hate and revenge. We meet revolutionaries and aristocrats, and see the poverty of many in both London and Paris contrasted with the wealth of a few.



Verbs: Present Perfect Continuous, Past Perfect Continuous, perfect infinitives, a variety of phrasal verbs, complex passive forms, wish/if only, modal verbs: might, needn't, reporting verbs: explain, repeat, reply, answer, ask, cry, scream, shout, tenses with This is the first ... Types of Clause type-three conditionals, mixed conditionals, relative: embedded, defining

Other connectives: although, despite, in spite of, however, time sequencers, inversion

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Editura: Eli
ISBN: 9788853632531
Limba: Engleza
Data publicatie: 2022
Format: 14.7 x 21 cm
Pagini: 128
Greutate: 65 g

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