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  1. Poza: Oliver Twist + audio downloadable multimedia contents with ELI LINK App

    Oliver Twist + audio downloadable multimedia contents with ELI LINK App

    Charles Dickens
    15.0 Lei

    CEFR Level: A1 Theme: Social Issues ‘Please, sir, can I have some more?’ asks Oliver. Tags Friendship and hate Social Issues In this Reader you will find: - Focus on… - Comprehension activities - Glossary of difficult words - Test yourself Oliver Twist is a poor orphan boy. He hasn’t got a mum or dad and he lives in a terrible place called the workhouse. One d ... more

  2. Poza: Oliver Twist

    Oliver Twist

    Charles Dickens
    20.0 Lei

    'A parish child - the orphan of a workhouse - the humble, half-starved drudge - to be cuffed and buffeted through the world, despised by all, and pitied by none' After the brutal care of the workhouse, the orphan Oliver Twist falls into the more welcoming arms of a den of thieves. But the sinister Fagin's grip is not light, and life in the underworld where Oliver now finds himself often ends in a noose . . . Mordantly funny, with some of the most m ... more

  3. Poza: Great Expectations

    Great Expectations

    Charles Dickens
    45.0 Lei

    "What do you think that is?' she asked me, again pointing with her stick; 'that, where those cobwebs are?" "I can't guess what it is, ma'am." "It's a great cake. A bride-cake. Mine!" Pip, a young orphan, has his life altered irrevocably by a strange chain of events - a terrifying graveside encounter with an e ... more

  4. Poza: A Tale of Two Cities

    A Tale of Two Cities

    Charles Dickens
    45.0 Lei

    'Liberty, equality, fraternity, or death; - the last, much the easiest to bestow, O Guillotine!'   After eighteen years as a political prisoner in the Bastille the aging Dr Manette is finally released and reunited with his daughter in England. There two very different men, Charles Darnay, an exiled French aristocrat, and Sydney Carton, a disreputable but brilliant English lawyer, become enmeshed through their love for Lucie Manette. From the t ... more

  5. Poza: David Copperfield

    David Copperfield

    Charles Dickens
    20.0 Lei

    'Whether I shall turn out to be the hero of my own life, or whether that station will be held by anybody else, these pages must show' Born to a mother already six months widowed, the young David Copperfield suffers at the hands of a tyrannical stepfather and at the hard graft of the factory floor. But his boyhood wanderings take him from Suffolk and London to Dover and beyond - and through the lives of a host of colourful characters - on his path to adulthood, and the disc ... more

  6. Poza: Little Dorrit

    Little Dorrit

    Charles Dickens
    50.0 Lei

    'You talk very easily of hours, sir! How long do you suppose, sir, that an hour is to a man who is choking for want of air?' When Arthur Clennam returns to England after many years abroad, he takes a kindly interest in Amy Dorrit, his mother's seamstress, and in the affairs of Amy's father, William Dorrit, a man of shabby grandeur, long imprisoned for debt in the Marshalsea. As Arthur soon discovers, the dark shadow of the prison stretches far beyond its walls to ... more

  7. Poza: Hard Times

    Hard Times

    Charles Dickens
    40.0 Lei

    'Now, what I want is, Facts. Teach these boys and girls nothing but Facts. Facts alone are wanted in life. Plant nothing else, and root out everything else' Coketown is dominated by the figure of Mr Thomas Gradgrind, school owner and model of Utilitarian success. Feeding both his pupils and his family with facts, he bans fancy and wonder from young minds. As a consequence his obedient daughter Louisa marries the loveless bu ... more

  8. Poza: The Old Curiosity Shop

    The Old Curiosity Shop

    Charles Dickens
    45.0 Lei

    'But what added most to the grotesque expression of his face, was a ghastly smile, which, appearing to be the mere result of habit and to have no connexion with any mirthful or complacent feeling, constantly revealed the few discoloured fangs that were yet scattered in his mouth, and gave him the aspect of a panting dog' The tale of Little Nell gripped the nation when it first appeared in 1841. Described as a 'tragedy of sorrows', the story tells of Nell uprooted ... more

  9. Poza: Barnaby Rudge

    Barnaby Rudge

    Charles Dickens
    50.0 Lei

    "I dreamed ... I dreamed just now that something - it was in the shape of a man - followed me - came softly to me - wouldn't let me be - but was always hiding and crouching, like a cat in dark corners, waiting till I should pass; when it crept out and came softly after me ..." Set against the backdrop of the Gordon Riots of 1780, Charles Dickens's novel Barnaby Rudge is a story of mystery and suspense which begins with an unsolved do ... more

  10. Poza: Our Mutual Friend

    Our Mutual Friend

    Charles Dickens
    50.0 Lei

    "Yours is a 'spectable calling. To save your 'spectability, it's worth your while to pawn every article of clothes you've got, sell every stick in your house, and beg and borrow every penny you can get trusted with. When you've done that and handed over, I'll leave you. Not afore" Our Mutual Friend centres on an inheritance - Old Harmon's profitable dust heaps - and its legatees, young John Harmon, presumed dr ... more

  11. Poza: Nicholas Nickleby

    Nicholas Nickleby

    Charles Dickens
    50.0 Lei

    '"I may grow rich!" repeated Nicholas, with a mournful smile, "ay, and I may grow old. But rich or poor, or old or young, we shall ever be the same to each other, and in that our comfort lies"' The work of a young novelist at the height of his powers, Nicholas Nickleby is one of the touchstones of the English comic novel. Around the central story of Nicholas Nickleby and the misfortunes of his family, Dickens created ... more

  12. Poza: Dombey and Son

    Dombey and Son

    Charles Dickens
    50.0 Lei

    'The earth was made for Dombey and Son to trade in, and the sun and moon were made to give them light' Dombey and Son is both a firm and a family and the ambiguous connection between public and private life lies at the heart of Dickens' novel. Paul Dombey is a man who runs his domestic affairs as he runs his business: calculatingly, callously, coldly and commercially. Through his dysfunctional relationships with his son, his two wives, and his neglected daughter Flore ... more

  13. Poza: The Mystery of Edwin Drood

    The Mystery of Edwin Drood

    Charles Dickens
    50.0 Lei

    'In the wakeful misery of the night, girded by sordid realities, or wandering through Paradises and Hells of visions ... I loved you madly' Dickens' last novel is a mystery built around a presumed crime - the murder of a nephew by his uncle. Dickens died before completing the story, leaving the mystery unsolved and encouraging successive generations of readers to turn detective. Beyond the preoccupying fact of this intriguing crime, however, the novel also offers read ... more

  14. Poza: The Pickwick Papers

    The Pickwick Papers

    Charles Dickens
    45.0 Lei

    'The fat boy rose, opened his eyes, swallowed the huge piece of pie he had been in the act of masticating when he last fell asleep, and slowly obeyed his master's orders' Few first novels have created as much popular excitement as The Pickwick Papers . Readers were immediately captivated by the adventures of the poet Snodgrass, the lover Tupman, the sportsman Winkle and, above all, by that quintessentially English Quixote, Mr Pickwick, and his coc ... more

  15. Poza: David Copperfield + audio downloadable multimedia contents with ELI LINK App

    David Copperfield + audio downloadable multimedia contents with ELI LINK App

    Charles Dickens
    15.0 Lei

    CEFR Level: B1 Theme: Love David Copperfield looks back on the first twenty-five years of his life. He is only eight years old when his mother, a young pretty widow remarries. Unfortunately, Mr Murdstone is not a good husband or father. David is sent away to school and only returns homw when tragedy strikes. Unloved and unwanted, he is sent to work in a factory but David is a resourceful boy and determines to ... more

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