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  1. Poza: Adjectives & Opposites level A1-B1

    Adjectives & Opposites level A1-B1

    50.0 Lei
    • Editura: ELI
    • Data publicatie:: 01/01/2020

    Elementary to Intermediate - Common European Framework: A1-B1 Adjectives and opposites is a very simple card game, useful and enjoyable, based on matching illustrated adjectives with corresponding opposite adjectives. The game allows students to learn, memorize and practice 130 commonly-used adjectives in a fun a ... more

  2. Poza: Animal Stories  - Hissing Hattie

    Animal Stories - Hissing Hattie

    By Editorial
    10.0 Lei
    • Editura: LADYBIRD

    Animal Stories  - Hissing Hattie ... more

  3. Poza: Animal Stories: Huge Henry

    Animal Stories: Huge Henry

    By Editorial
    10.0 Lei
    • Editura: LADYBIRD

    Animal Stories: Huge Henry ... more

  4. Poza: Around the City A2-B1

    Around the City A2-B1

    50.0 Lei
    • Editura: ELI
    • Data publicatie:: 2019

    Level A2-B1 Around the City is a board game for students at level A2-B1. At allows students to verify their general linguistic kills, whilst learning and revising vocabulary and expressions related to city life, shops, transport, road signs and road safety. The game can be used in class or at home with friends.& ... more

  5. Poza: Bis English - level A1

    Bis English - level A1

    50.0 Lei
    • Editura: ELI
    • Data publicatie:: 2018

    Level A1 RULES OF THE GAMEThe game can be played both at school and at home with friends.Shuffle the cards and deal them equally amongst the players. Each player removes all the paired cards (word and picture) in their hand. The other cards are held so as not to show other players. The Joker is removed immediately. The youngest player starts by taking one card from the player to his/her right. ... more

  6. Poza: CS4 The Pyjama Party (Play)

    CS4 The Pyjama Party (Play)

    Crebbin, J
    • Editura: CAMBRIDGE

    This series of delightful storybooks is an extremely flexible resource designed to help teachers engage and motivate young learners in the classroom. They are an ideal way to support children in the early stages of learning English. Teacher's Books and Audio Cassettes/CDs make Cambridge Storybooks very easy to use. The Teacher's Books cover the entire level and include step-by-step teaching notes with idea ... more

  7. Poza: English Championship A2-B1

    English Championship A2-B1

    50.0 Lei
    • Editura: ELI
    • Data publicatie:: 13/06/2012

    LEVEL A2-B1 English Championship Test your knowledge of English and Anglophone countries with this exciting game, which expands the student’s background knowledge not only through questions concerning culture and traditions, but also about geography, idioms, the environment and free time. The challenge is exciting, who will be the champion?. ... more

  8. Poza: English Paperchase A2

    English Paperchase A2

    50.0 Lei
    • Editura: ELI
    • Data publicatie:: 01/10/2014

    LEVEL A2 How well do you know Britain and the English-speaking world? Find out by playing this great new game with its monuments, places, people and products from around the English-speaking world. Each card has five clues and each clue has a score: become the champion! The box contains:• 66 photographic playing cards;• 66 playing cards with clues; ... more

  9. Poza: Fairy Tales in Games A1-A2

    Fairy Tales in Games A1-A2

    55.0 Lei
    • Editura: ELI
    • Data publicatie:: 01/03/2021

    WHAT IS IT? Fairy Tales in Games is an educational and fun game which combines the telling of five traditional fairy tales with learning basic English vocabulary and grammar.   LANGUAGE AIMS The game allows students to memorise the wonderful and engaging contents of the selec ... more

  10. Poza: Famous People from the Englishspeaking world level A2-B1

    Famous People from the Englishspeaking world level A2-B1

    55.0 Lei
    • Editura: ELI
    • Data publicatie:: 2021

    LEVEL A2-B1 WHAT IS IT? Famous People is a useful and fun card game, based on matching illustrated cards with famous English people and their corresponding identity cards.   LANGUAGE AIMS The game allows ... more



    180.0 Lei
    • Editura: ELI

    20 illustrated situational posters for intermediate level students.For Secondary School Learn and practise a wide range of vocabulary relating to teenage life, plus more complex language ... more

  12. Poza: Guess the Job

    Guess the Job

    50.0 Lei
    • Editura: ELI
    • Data publicatie:: 01/06/2017

    Learn all about 40 different jobs with this entertaining and original game. Three packs of cards with lively and colourful illustrations offer clear and concise phrases describing each job and the name of the job. In the first pack you can find the illustration of the job, in the second one the name and in the third one its description. ... more

  13. Poza: Hairy Maclary's Buggy

    Hairy Maclary's Buggy

    Lynley Dodd
    10.0 Lei
    • Editura: LADYBIRD
    • Data publicatie:: 8 Oct 2009

    Babies and toddlers will also love being out and about when they take Hairy Maclary's bright new buggy book with them! Its tough board pages and detachable strap and clip make this little board book just right for little ones on the go. ... more

  14. Poza: How are you? A2-B1

    How are you? A2-B1

    50.0 Lei
    • Editura: ELI
    • Data publicatie:: 31/10/2016

    LEVEL A2-B1 How are you? is a card game with an illustrated playing board. Players have to reach the finish line by overcoming a series of trials relating to the body, well-being and a healthy lifestyle, such as simple physical exercices. Players need to use their language and descriptive skills to play this fun game which encourages learning, revi ... more

  15. Poza: Just the Job

    Just the Job

    50.0 Lei
    • Editura: ELI
    • Data publicatie:: 11/12/1998

    A card game for elementary and intermediate levels to learn the names and  descriptions of 40 jobs. Players match cards from pack 1, with the names of jobs, to those in pack 2, with the illustration, or to those in pack 3, with the job descri ... more

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